About Miriam & Anna

Anna B Sexton

Well what can I say in terms of my arts background having studies Fine Art @ The Liverpool Arts School/Liverpool JMU I have continued to make small scale works on paper, paintings and photographic records on my life. I have exhibited in London, Liverpool and Salisbury, Wiltshire often collaborating with artists either making books or using postcard arts to test out new ways of working. Occasionally I curate shows and am mulling over a show which looks at the different aspects of artist work within the community and education sectors.

Being paired up with Miriam is a total blessing as she is so open minded to using all forms of arts to investigate the process of collaborating across the waves. I like her sense of fun, playfulness and this in term has inspired me to get back into playing with randomness and the opportunities artist walks can offer in freeing the mind and spirit to be open to the chance discoveries which can alter the pace and direction of any day…if I am willing to be open to this.

Interests: Randomness, quirky colour combinations, cheese, Indian food, playing with objects I find in the street, talking to strangers, dancing and collabor-ARTing!

Dislikes: Tripe, thinking about this project coming to an end, lack of space, not enough dancing and items which go missing in the post

Miriam Nash

Since I left Goldsmiths in 2008, I’ve been writing, performing and teaching poetry in London. I’m currently in Geneva, working on my first poetry pamphlet with flipped eye publishing. I’m interested in letter writing, and have developed a series of Snail Mail workshops in partnership with Slow Down London. My poetry is published in The Battered Suitcase, Daydream Magazine, New Writing Dundee and the forthcoming editions of Magma and Popshot Magazine. I’ve performed at Tate Modern, The Courtauld Institute, The Poetry Cafe, Young Chicago Authors and many other venues. I also work as a coordinator on creative writing projects for young people.

Working with Anna, I have begun to include much more than drafting and editing poetry in my writing practice. I’ve started taking photos, sketching again, collecting found objects, writing list poems and generally freeing-up the way I approach my work. Anna makes me feel I can try things without worrying about being ‘good at them’. I imagined collaborating would involve conceiving ideas together and then working towards a goal. Instead our partnership is spontaneous, non-linear and surprising – I still don’t know where it will lead and I like it that way.

Things I like collecting: coloured stones, envelopes, city morning smells, cake decorating materials (though I’m not great at baking, except pancakes), Balkan music, beach drift, candles for power cuts

Things I can’t stand: small lifts, polystyrene, the underside of ceramic bowls, the smell of meat in Deptford high street


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