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While Anna was here in Geneva, we had some fun with magazines, a high quality glue stick and (thankfully) two pairs of scissors. We leafed through a healthy stack of fashion and lifestyle magazines, choosing images that we felt related to our project. We then arranged them in a collage. Anna will have better photos, but here’s a rough overview:

This wasn’t just for fun – well, actually it was – but it was also an exercise in generating ideas, finding out how Anna and I see the project and seeing what images and objects we are both attracted to. Here’s one of my favourites:

Needless to say, there were lots of objects we might have found ourselves: suitcases, labels, letters, chairs, junk, dolls-houses, towels, books, ladders, shoes and street corners. Here are the lists of words Anna and I gathered from the collage:

Think of it as a sneak-preview into our minds and into what we could possibly make for the exhibition. Although I’ll be sad to leave Geneva soon, I can’t wait to see Anna again and get fabricating!

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