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Collage CollaborART

While Anna was here in Geneva, we had some fun with magazines, a high quality glue stick and (thankfully) two pairs of scissors. We leafed through a healthy stack of fashion and lifestyle magazines, choosing images that we felt related to our project. We then arranged them in a collage. Anna will have better photos, but here’s a rough overview:

This wasn’t just for fun – well, actually it was – but it was also an exercise in generating ideas, finding out how Anna and I see the project and seeing what images and objects we are both attracted to. Here’s one of my favourites:

Needless to say, there were lots of objects we might have found ourselves: suitcases, labels, letters, chairs, junk, dolls-houses, towels, books, ladders, shoes and street corners. Here are the lists of words Anna and I gathered from the collage:

Think of it as a sneak-preview into our minds and into what we could possibly make for the exhibition. Although I’ll be sad to leave Geneva soon, I can’t wait to see Anna again and get fabricating!

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Oh Geneva…

A totally amazing city to visit for the short trip I was able to make to meet up with Miriam whilst she is briefly staying there. The city is calm and clean. Life seems to effortlessly glide by through days of coffee and cake eating whilst ladies walk their toy dogs, visit designer clothing emporiums and gentlemen effectively¬† move around the city well groomed and poised for deals. The waters of Lake Geneva are so crystal clear and the swans large and scary…

Miriam and I wandered around her favourite haunts she has discovered whilst living there as well as some new finds along the artist walks we made including a magical cafe called the Cottage and the most amazing macaroon shop I ever seen or smelt in my life Рlush, if a little over powering

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Images inspired by Anna’s photographs on ‘what’s left behind’

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