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All Around Our Houses by Anna B. Sexton

Been doing some more writing for my book & work related courses & training programmes.

And in the process of doing so re-visited a book of poems I created back in May 2010 as part of a collaboration with poet, writer & performer; Miriam Nash

Follow this link to take a trip down my memory lanes through my poems dedicated to each house I have lived in since being born


A new poem is due for addition since moving back in the summer…watch this space

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Mr. Postie arrived bringing a gift….

All the way from Geneva! Miriam’s parcel arrived

Here are my first thoughts about the object;

What does it do?
What is it?
How does it work?
Where does it take me?
Is it a space machine?
An alien detector
Position navigator
Satelitte instructor
Beam corrector
I want it to work
Does it take batteries?
What happens if its lost?
Not found
Can it destroy me?
Now its found its way to my home?

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