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Where it lived before

This is the object I posted Anna in its original habitat – on a stone wall:

I don't believe in time

Here’s the thought-poem I attached to it. Possibly not exactly the same as the one Anna received. I wrote several versions and kept a few:

I don’t believe in time

I smell of child’s fingers

I kill quietly,

breathe metal deeper than trees

I wish I could sleep

I wish I could sweat

Mine in the real face

the clocks are hiding

I crave a leather wrist

My bones have fallen

I crush the peddles

I am scratched

I am in love with the sea

I also made a list what the object could be or represent:

A portal to another world

An alien detector

A heavy wrist

A longed for toy

A punishment

A holder of secrets

A bribe

The top of a skyscraper

A dream selector

A grandfather child

A piece of drift

A time capsule


A gift, two times

A piece of hunger

I find writing these associative object pieces liberating. I also feel that Anna’s writing and photos are allowing my writing to loosen up and move towards new territory…

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